Thursday, November 5, 2009

The War Against the U.S. Constitution

When Robert Bork was nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court by President Ronald Reagan in 1987, it created a firestorm in Congress, and he failed to get confirmed. Shortly thereafter, he wrote The Tempting of America, which I believe is the best book about constitutional law in a century—perhaps ever.

Mr. Bork said he believes we are more than halfway along in the destruction of our Constitution. If he is right, our republic is in grave danger.

He made that statement about two decades ago. Surely he would think the Constitution is 60 to 75 percent destroyed today.

So you could make the case that the problem is too far gone to even correct. At least, this danger should terrify every American citizen!

In a 2001 radio interview, Barack Obama revealed some of his shocking ideas about how the government should run.

Here is what he said about the 1953-1969 Supreme Court led by Chief Justice Earl Warren, which was a very activist court: “To that extent, as radical as I think people tried to characterize the Warren court, it wasn’t that radical.” Notice this! “It didn’t break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution”.
- The War Against the U.S. Constitution
 by Gerald Flurry


The president usurper, the fraud and foreigner, has failed to be transparent with We The People and bring to light revealing documents he pays expensive lawyers to keep in the dark, including his long form birth certificate, contemptuous of our Constitution and Republic. Regardless of whether or not the bastard shows us his birth certificate, we know Obama is not a natural born citizen - as required by our Constitution - since a natural born citizen is born of two American parents.

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