Sunday, November 8, 2009

Take a Stand!

A Bitter Fight

There is a fight brewing
One that you do not really know of
A fight for your very own freedom
One that lets you keep your democracy

A silent fight under another guise
Written with two thousand pages
Full of secret special interest spending
Laced with Marxism and steps towards socialism

A bitter fight from those who hate the country that they serve
Wickedness and ungodly will survive stronger if we lose it.
Do you love your freedom to make your own way?
If you enjoy attending church freely, you better fight

What about the guns you worked and paid for?
If you want to keep them stand up!
It is your right to assemble as American citizens
But that too will diminish

Our founding father formed the Constitution
They did it for you and me
For our protection
To be free from control of our government

Uphold the pride and dignity that we have now
Be strong and of good courage!
Walk in the light and speak aloud
Speak aloud and boldly for your very own future

The future of your children and your children’s children
Stand up and against this atrocity
Make a stance to maintain our constitutional rights
A statement to give us back our fear of God
Be strong and of courage
Look to God and let him strengthen you
And be not afraid but be of courage and valor.

Paul E. King

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