Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shaka Zulu ring a bell?

Re: Revolution in South Africa?

Originally Posted by Denny
I think it's odd that the same sort of people who feel Jews have an ancestral claim for dominion over the lands of Israel because they lived there 2000 years ago

It's strange that apparently you still just don't get it that it's not only because Jews lived in Israel for thousands of years, but because our Great Creator God decreed it the Promised Land of ISRAEL - not Ishmael or "Palestine. " The Jews have every political, historical and biblical right to the Jewish homeland of Israel regardless if some folks fail to recognize it.

don't feel that the same right belongs to the black people of Africa, where whites came in and took over just during the last few centuries.

"Took over"? What prejudicial language. Some of the places White Israelites inherited were uninhabited. Regardless, you blather as if the "black people of Africa" were one united people rather than, as history proves, a bunch of disjointed, warring tribes at each others' throats much like the Beringian immigrants ("Indians) in America. Shaka Zulu ring a bell? But typical racist liberals usually don't care if one black tribe conquers or slaughters another black tribe, because they're all black, but become "concerned" when superior White Israelite tribes comes and claims their God-given land, prophesied for the tribes of Israel.Manifest Destiny wasn't limited to these "Lands of the Covenant" (the USA in Hebrew - Artzot habrit), the inheritance of Manasseh the son of Joseph, but included all those God-given areas of God's good Earth preserved for His People British-Israel.

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